T-Fal's NEW Natura Cookware is Made with the Environment - And Cooks - in Mind

Have you been disappointed in the past by your non-stick cookware?

I certainly have. I even went out and paid a good chunk of money for a chef's line because I thought for sure he would have quality stuff. Within a week, there were scratches in the pan and needless to day, everything stuck despite his claims.

So  I was thrilled to discover that T-Fal's NEW Natura 100% Recycled Aluminum Cookware is non-stick. In fact, it's so non-stick that my fella, who makes eggs every morning, was saying that the surface is so slippery, that sometimes he can't get the spatula under the eggs because they're sliding around. For years, we've had to scrub at pans with the bottom of his eggs on them and now, it takes just a few seconds to clean our new T-Fal Natura pan.

I like the high sides on the pan, allowing you to cook at high heat, as does T-Fal's famous Thermo-Spot heat indicator (T-Fal Natura Cookware is suitable for all heat sources except induction) and toss things around like an Iron Chef (I always pretend I'm cooking on TV or at the very least, a live audience. Don't you?) and of course, now that I finally have a non-stick pan that is truly non-stick, I'm expanding my kitchen repertoire to include more seafood and better cuts of meat. If I don't have to lose half of my ingredients stuck to the pan anymore, I can really cook my heart out.

The bonus with the Natura line, of course, is that it reduces its impact on the environment. It is recylcable, so you can take it to your local recycling centre, as opposed to your old pans that are anything but. The non-stick coating has no PFOA, lead or cadium, so you can finally get the skin on your fish crispy without losing it to the pan and worrying about the health risks. Healthy cooking just got healthier.

The recycled materials used for Natura  - recycled aluminum from Haute-Savoie, France - actually make it more durable. So go ahead and use it all the time. It will actually stand up to your bacon-braised swiss chard, potato latkes, chicken fried steak, pad thai, leek omlettes and anything else that you want to create. Isn't that what your cookware should be doing for you?

The pans are available in 20, 24 and 30 cm sizes. I've got the 20 cm ) and it's what they call a small, but it's a great all-purpose size. It's no miniscule, can-only-make-gravy-in, pan, let me tell you.

Not once has this pan disappointed me. In fact, it's inspired me to cook more, expand my food knowledge and techniques. How about that?

You can purchase T-Fal Natura Cookware at Walmart and Walmart Online.

Stephanie Dickison

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