PerioSciences Uses Antioxidants to Keep Your Mouth Fresh & Clean

When is the last time you went to the dentist?

This post isn't out to make you feel bad - I haven't been in the longest time. Whether it's because of lack of time, money or sheer courage, not every goes as much as they should.

But help is here via PerioSciences.

Founded in 2008 and headquartered in Dallas, Texas, PerioSciences makes antioxidant-based oral care products.

What that means exactly, is this: Often alcohol is used in oral products to kill bacteria. This actually dries out your mouth, where "bacteria can actually thrive." And if you think hydrogen peroxide is another great ingredient for your teeth, guess again - it can actually be a precursor to inflammation. So PerioSciences decided to work with the body, instead of against it.

Their AO ProVantage Dental Gel is an amazing antioxidant gel that works with your own saliva. You simply put a pea sized amount on your upper and lower gums. Essential oils and xylitol soothe your gums and freshen your breath. What I found so surprising is that my gums are so sensitive, I thought it might sting or tingle, but my gums actually felt like they'd been softly massaged and pampered. The other surprise is how cool and hydrated my mouth felt afterwards. In fact, my whole mouth felt amazing. So it's no wonder I look forward to using it. And you can apply it up to 2 times daily, so go ahead and start looking and feeling great right now.

I'm also loving AO ProRinse , which is alcohol-free and uses non-cariogenic xylitol, essential oils,  antioxidants, green tea catechins and coconut water to both refresh your mouth and freshen your breath. It's softly minted, so no need to worry about it bracing or burning like those drugstore mouthwashes. 

With both products, I noticed a vast difference in how my mouth looked and felt both right after application and much later. It actually feels healthier. All with almost no effort at all.



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