Panty By Post - The Sexiest Subscription Service You'll Ever Sign Up For

Trying to find underwear that you like and that come in your size can be a trying experience. First, you find something you like, but then you can never find it again, or everything you like it just big enough to fit on your pinkie finger. Plus, none of the stores you've been to has a big enough selection. It's always the same 10 things. What if a girl wants to change it up a little? Or what if you're the type of girl that's kind of embarrassed by the whole panty scene?

Enter Panty By Post, an amazing online subscription service that you sign up for, and then every month, you receive a beautiful French panty in the mail.

Founder Natalie Grunberg knows that French women know a thing or two about lingerie and has brought together an enviable collection of French panties from around the world and made it accessible, affordable and insanely convenient for us ladies who want to look and feel pretty without having to traipse all over town looking in vain for something that:

1. we like, and
2. that fits.

There is a signature line and a bridal line to choose from. And for our lovely fellas, there's a men's line as well (awesome!).

I love the experience of opening the package and unwrapping the beautiful tissue to reveal your pretty panty of the month (pictured above), along with a written description (mine reads: To: Stephanie From: XO Style: Sweet Vintage Colour: Vanilla White). It's a little like getting a package from a secret admirer. What a thrill.

No matter whether you're a hipster, thong or bikini girl and what size you are, there are gorgeous panties awaiting you.

What I really appreciate is all the care that goes into what you can see - the wrapping and packaging - to what you don't see - the careful selection of quality, lust-worthy products, and durable (which means you can wash them, workout in them and toss 'em in the dryer with the rest of your undies).

You get the added element of surprise and excitement that usually doesn't enter into the shopping for underwear experience, not to mention, you've now got a hot little pair of undies to prance around in until your next pair arrives... What a fantastic gift - whether for yourself (you deserve it) or someone else.

Stephanie Dickison

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