Lotus Aroma Bath & Bodywash - Relax & Unwind with Aromatherapy

My morning shower sets the tone of my day.  It's where I can think without interruption (you can only multitask so much while standing naked and wet) and focus on the day ahead.

So of course that means that the scent and feel of my body wash is extremely important.

One of my new favourite finds are Lotus Aromas Bath & Bodywashes. Suddenly, your bathroom because a spa and an a.m. oasis from the frenzy of daily life.

This Quebec company (based in Sainte-Julie, near Montreal), around since 1991, is known for using carefully selected raw products. Made from 99.5% natural ingredients (30% organic and 100% botanical-derived active ingredients) and packed with essential oils, you skin will revel in the creamy lather and you'll emerge cleaner, softer, slightly perfumed and more relaxed than you've been in years - maybe even decades.

Yamuna Bath & Bodywash is a new scent that takes its name from one of the seven sacred rivers in India. It is a highly floral fragrance with rose, geranium, ylang-ylang, jasmine and mimosa to quell your busy mind and to unfurl your daily stresses. Oh, it is extremely pretty, feminine, and delicate, never overwhelming like many drugstore brands.

Yamuna is just one of the many fragrances available in the line and all are free of sodium lauryl, petroleum-based mineral oils, parabens, silicon, alcohol, dye, synthetic fragrance, phyhalates and  gentle preservatives.

It comes in environmentally-friendly packaging, is available in travel sizes (take that spa feeling with you) and lasts and lasts (a little goes a long way). You'll never go back to imitation fragrance anything after experience the luxury of this on your skin.

Lotus Aroma is available at fine pharmacies and natural products stores and at the Nata PR Boutique.

Stephanie Dickison

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