Jacomo Paris It's Me Perfume - Simply Stunning

It's hard to find a perfume that's uniquely you. That makes you not only smell good, but impacts the way you feel.

It's Me For Her by Jacomo Paris is one such extraordinary scent.

It is warm and woodsy and yet light and floral all at once. Seriously intoxicating and insanely feminine, a  blend of pineapple, mandarin and anisee is kept from being too sweet with dry fruit, pear, freesia and lily of the valley. To give the scent its sexy warmth, jasmine, iris powder, patchouli, sandalwood and musk are added. The result is a modern fragrance that harkens to an earlier time. 

Yes, it's the best of both worlds, so whether you prefer long baths while sipping tea or you thrive on the pressure of multitasking, something tells me you're going to treasure this scent as much as I do.

And lucky for you/him, there's a male version too.

Stephanie Dickison

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