Everyday Grey's Handmade Headbands & Do Rags Keep You Chic in the Heat

My hair is super crazy on a regular day. In this heat? I look like Art Garfunkel. 

And because I've got a short bob, I can't really put it up in a ponytail. So lately I've just been going with looking crazy because what else can I do?

Then Everyday Grey appeared and saved the day. Actually, the entire summer.

See, the lovley Dinah makes beautiful handmade headbands and do rags - available at Storenvy and on Etsy  - that are the perfect solution for this insane heat and humidity that's wreaking havoc on even the nicest locks this year.

Take her Wide Fabric Headband in Paisley Biscotti, for example. This delicate print goes with just about everything and keeps your hair looking sleek, despite the intense heat. You can wear it at full width or fold it in half and thirds to give you different looks throughout the week. And the stretchy elastic at the base means that it will stay put and yet be comfortable.

If you prefer something a little bolder, get yourself the very on-trend Knit Headband in Tribal Print (pictured above). This knit is so soft and stretchy, you'll want Dinah to make you dresses, pajamas, slipper, blankets, etc.,  out of this amazing material. Ooh, it feels so good, you just might not want to take it off. And why would you, when it looks this fabulous! And speaking of fabulous, I chose the picture above, because I think it looks wonderful as a cowl necklace/scarf, don't you? Just picture it against a LBD or a slink tank. Mmm. Perhaps you will barely wear these as headbands,  after all...

Another way to accessorize your look this summer is the ever-so-sweet, almost Downton Abbey (or The Forsyte Saga) -esque Ice Cream Parlour Flower Clip. Whether pinned to your hair, lapel or spaghetti strap, this floral clip (made of frothy layers of white knit and mint dotted fabric and finished with the most adorable pink-and-white polka dot button in the center), it adds a breath of fresh air and delicateness to any outfit, as do the  bewitching Bombshell Hair Pins.

And if you're looking for edge without darkness to complete your look, you've got to get the delightful  Petals & Pistols necklace. This antique brass pistol charm & peach rose on an 18" antique brass chain has charm, wit, grace and just a little sass. In other words, it's got it all.

And now so can you, thanks to Everyday Grey.

Shop Everyday Grey on Shopenvy and Etsy now.

Stephanie Dickison

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