Abeego Original Food Storage - Wrap It Up Naturally

Do you find that you never seem to have the right shape container for leftovers or ingredients in the fridge? I am constantly on the lookout for odd shaped bowls or boxes to hold the remains of my lovely dinner or that leftover cheese from our dinner party on the weekend.

And then I found Abeego, which is made in Canada from hemp, cotton, beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil.  This makes a natural, reusable, compostable wrap that you can use to wrap cheese, bread, fruit and veg and more. The material is thick, but pliable - you simply press it over your food or dish and the pressure mixed with the warmth of your hards allows you to mould it to your item and then it hardens as it cools. It feels good and just slightly sticky at first and smells like honey. It's really quite amazing.  

I love that it's a breathable material, so finally cheese and bread last longer than being trapped in plastic. And for years, I've been looking for something to wrap my butter in. I can't stand that foil wrapper that it comes in (why have we not been able to come up with something better than this?) that eventually tears and melds itself into the yellow brick. So my Abeego Flats are perfect for this (I used the medium flat, pictured above). Sigh. How amazing to have a problem solved so easily after all these years.

I think the Wraps would really come in handy, too. With the amount of food I've constantly got on the go (seriously, it really is like a full-on restaurant some days), I would rather wrap 'em up in natural materials than encase them in plastic.

So shop Abeego now and finally customize the storage of your food to the food itself.


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