Smudge Ink Stationery is Simply Stunning. Like Using-the-Gift-Wrap-on-Your-Walls Gorgeous.

I love stationery, but I am extremely picky:

It's got to be gorgeous.
It's got to make me feel good.
It's got to make me smile.

As soon as my eyes fell on a Smudge Ink card, I was in complete and utter love.
The immensely talented Kate Saliba and Deb Bastien run this gorgeous letterpress studio out of Boston and create the most incredible, stunning, colourful letterpress-printed greeting cards, boxed notes, wedding invitations, calendars, gift wrap, gift cards, holiday, imprintables and notepads.

Still looking for the perfect Father's Day card? This Sunday, my Dad's getting this amazing Funny Nose & Glasses card - perfect, as he loves Groucho Marx. But any from this collection would be great.

I send a ton of Thank You cards, so you know I'll be stocking up on these beauts. Know someone that's with child? These sweet Baby designs will have you reaching for the tissues. And because I want to really personalize my birthday cards this year, I was blown away to find a scooter card for my friend Jacquie, a lovely illustrated soft serve ice cream card for my friend with the ice cream addiction and this singing bird on a branch for my friend Jill who always takes care of injured and abandoned birds.

If you don't want know the person well enough to cater a design to them, may I suggest Smudge Ink's alluring Boxed Notes? I am completely captivated by the beauty of their sophisticated, yet uncluttered designs. In fact, they are so beautiful, I am keeping some to frame (yellow flowers with leaves and clover, for sure).

I know these Gift Tag Stickers are meant for the Holidays, but I'm using these lovelies on everything from homemade baked goods to envelopes to gift wrap. Who says you have to wait until Christmas to show off your great style sense?

And speaking of fantastic style, you have simply got to get yourself this magnificent, luxurious gift wrap (pictured below). I was so taken with it in fact, that I'm using it to line my bathroom cabinets and a little portion of my desk. 

I'm dead serious. There's the cutest macaron print that you'll want lining every kitchen wall, and I love the dramatic colouring of Peacock Coloured Flowers. The Whales make me giggle and I like the mix of modern and Mad Men in the Poppy Bloom print. Oh, who am I kidding - I love them all.

And revealed at this year's National Stationery Show, their 2013 calendar (pictured at top) is so sublime, I don't know that I can wait to use it. Like all of their calendars, it's more art than date keeper. Your walls won't know what hit them. And just to add to the lust factor, each page has a postcard and tag on the back that you can cut out. Insane. How am I supposed to wait 6 months?

Look, you can't tell from the pictures, but the paper and colour quality is superb. You'll love the weight and feel of everything you get from Smudge Ink. Made with 30-100% post consumer recycled paper and envelopes using wind power to print with soy inks, they are environmentally-minded.

Okay, I'm just going to come right out and ask - Kate, Deb, will you marry me?

Shop Smudge Ink now. Life's about to get a whole lot more beautiful.

Stephanie Dickison

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