Quantum Scale - It May Just Be the Most Polite, Thoughtful Scale Ever

I have never had a scale in the house.

Until now.

See, I was pin-thin my whole life until my late-twenties when I developed a very curvy figure. Add to that,  restaurant reviewing, cooking and eating for a living and well, I sure didn't want to face the reality of those harsh new, larger numbers.

So the idea of stepping on a scale every day seems like sheer torture. I beat myself up enough about the things I eat without having a sheet of metal rub it in on  a daily basis, thankyouverymuch.

But the Quantum Scale has changed all of that.

See, what it does is the first time you step on the scale,  it stores your weight without ever revealing it to you or others (phew - another disaster averted). Then, every day that you tap it, step on, and in return it kindly gives you a plus or minus sign. To further soften the blow, when you get the + sign, it displays a number beside it, but you still don't know your total weight, so you won't spend the rest of the day wondering if it was the sweet potato fries from dinner last night (you even had your turkey burger without the bun, for crying out loud).

Yesterday was a + day, which is to be expected (I was at an Italian restaurant the night before), but this morning, my awesome scale showed -1.6. Yesterday I paid great attention to what I was eating and how much and it paid off. Every day won't be like this, but it really is a boost. Which propels you to want to do well everyday, which will hopefully influence the way you eat, how much you exercise, etc.

There are 6 different colours to choose from so that it fits in with your decor as much as your lifestyle and it takes just a few seconds every day to find out how you're doing.

The Quantum Scale is just what I needed to motivate me to lose these last few pounds. Get yours now.

Stephanie Dickison

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