Need a Change? Pantone: 35 Inspirational Colour Palettes is All You Need

Lately my work has been gradually morphing over to more graphic and web design. I find it so creatively stimulating (all those years at art school are finally paying off) that I am often crunched over my laptop into the wee hours finessing a logo or designing a webpage.

But sometimes I get stuck when it comes to colour. So imagine my excitement in discovering Pantone: 35 Inspirational Colour Palettes from Chronicle Books!

Pantone is the world leader in colour, so using this fun fan deck is like having a colour consultant right at your side when you need it.
I love referring to it because it takes the guess work out of trying to comprise my own palettes from scratch. I also find it makes me get out of my comfort zones - like the mix of bold and soft in Ballet Lesson and the stormy calmness  of City Haze - and also inspires me to create me own - Lobster Roll, Ocean Dream and Carnivoire are ones I've created recently!

And you certainly don't have to limit it to merely work stuff - I'm thinking of doing the bedroom in Winter Shore and Fresh Air is the perfect wall colour palette for those looking for peaceful surroundings. Decor ideas for the house aren't the only thing you can use it for - if knew how to sew, I'd be making Party Dress and La Dolce Vita paneled dresses, tops and pants.

Sigh. It's amazing what this little book will do for you. One day you'll be innocently working on a client's website and next, you'll be redoing your best friend's office in St. Barts.

No matter what your role at the office or home, however you like to spend your free time, the Pantone: 35 Inspirational Colour Palettes will improve your life.

Stephanie Dickison

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