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Infusing some fun and delight into your days is vital I think. Mornings filled with deadlines you can barely keep up with, overdue bill payments that loom throughout the day - it's enough already. Let's just have a little fun, why don't we?

Which is why I adore Toothpic Nations. This fun design house curates the most amazing products that will improve not only your environment, but your mood, your life.

Take the Green Markers, for example. These amazing grass-shaped bookmarks, designed and made in Japan,  add plant life to your bookshelf without ever troubling you with mowing or watering it!

They look so great popping out the top of your books, that you'll want to add them at least once to every book shelf, as well as all those tomes teetering in the pile beside the bed and couch. 

In fact, they're so charming, I've put some in the kitchen cupboard and on the shelves in the bathroom. Studies show that having greenery in the house brings about happiness, so add them to your office cubicle or to mark off pages in your presentation. You'll smile every time you see them. Guaranteed.

So you can imagine my immense joy coming across these Sandwich Tags, made in Japan. These incredibly life-like (laser cut and printed on both sides add to their realistic quality) sticky notes can be used from everything from jotting down your grocery list to keeping your place in your book or magazine. But be warned - they will make you hungry. They even come in plastic with a label and barcode, so it feels just like you're buying  a package of bacon. How cool is that? And no calories, either. You can choose from a variety of fillings:

- LT 10 sheets of each, lettuce & tomato
- B  20 sheets of bacon
- BLT 10 sheets of bacon, 20 sheets of each, lettuce & tomato

Every season, Toothpic Nations commissions "an Asian designer or illustrator to create an original artwork for our new theme, which will then be printed onto a one-off limited edition merchandise. 50% of the net proceeds will be donated to a charity organisation selected for the season."

This season Tenubuko created an illustration for their first theme - around my desk. The Smile Cafe Project is the charity where net proceeds will be donated to "help rebuild the region affected by the tsunami that hit Japan back in March."

So not only is the Around the desk eco bag  (pictured above) the coolest fashion accessory ever, your purchase helps others. It also helps the planet - it was produced by an eco-print and zero waste British factory, and the bags were sourced from Fair Trade registered factories in India and screen printed with eco-inks in the U.K.

This limited- edition bag is a must-have for those of us obsessed with stationery and our desks (I know you know what I'm talking about) as well as those wanting to have a stand-out tote.

These are just a few of the fabulous items available at the unbelievably addictive Toothpic Nations. Be sure to check out the rest of the store too, because you're going to want at least one of everything.


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