bareMinerals New READY Blushes & Bronzers Deliver Instant Colour

Need a bit of colour this summer, but don't want to sit under the sun's damaging rays? I am desperate need of a little pink and bronze on this face of mine. Here it is, June already, and I'm still as pale as

NEW bareMinerals READY Make Up recently launched in Canada and I am fascinated by this line, which features "innovative new solid mineral technology created through a unique cold-pressed method and powered by our SeaNutritive Mineral Complex."

What that means is that is though it looks pressed, it's not. So you get solid minerals that you can build up to whatever depth of colour suits you. Because it's been pressed in this fashion, it doesn't lose its precious nutrients, vitamins and minerals comprised in the sea minerals, so you get the added bonus of healthier, younger (thanks to anti-aging properties) skin while getting your glow on.

Not only that, you never have to worry about thick brown or pink stripes along your cheekbones because of the amazingly advanced formulation. And they're so soft and silky, for once you'll look forward to applying your makeup.

I'm currently rockin' The Skinny Dip Bronzer, a soft tan colour that works well with my pale complexion. For blush,  I'm loving the delicateness of The One and its bolder sister The French Kiss. I highly recommend having a range of them - this allows you to adjust your colour as per your outfit, as well as the summer goes on and you get more tan.

It's made to last for up to 8 hours, so go ahead and work like crazy all day - your blush and bronzer will keep up with you.

When's the last time you heard that about your makeup?

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Stephanie Dickison

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