Veld's Pure Pulp - Revolutionary Hydrating & Plumping Skincare

Sometimes you need to break out to intense stuff. The stuff that you know is going to work straight away and fast.

Veld's Pure Pulp delivers intense hydration to your skin upon application, so whether your skin is dried out due to the stress of winter weather, sunburn, irritation or from just life stuff (it happens), you'll get results right away.

It's amazing, in fact. You can see your skin plump up right before your eyes. No injections or implants, no painful surgery required. Your skin and wrinkles just fill out in all the right places, something that as I age, I desperately want, as my face has already started to droop and sag. 

Aloe Ferox grows wild only in the Cape Town province of South Africa and greatly increases collagen production. Its healing properties were recognized by the entire scientific community and here it's used in the "most whole (patented) and purest form for extreme effectiveness." This concentrate is rich in active ingredients (synergy of vitamins, trace elements, amino acids, enzymes, etc.) and has a high concentration in ploysaccharides, which bring water right to your skin's surface. You can see this happen as soon as you apply it.

Application is easy - spread two or three dabs on your skin, then tap lightly to make it penetrate, focusing on those particular areas of interest to you.

And you'll be pleased to know that it contains no artificial coloring,  fragrances, parabens, alcohol and

This awesome gel is like nothing I've used before. My skin looks moist and supple, and not just when I put it on, but all day.  

Shop Veld's Pure Pulp now and look radiant no matter how dry or cold it is.

Stephanie Dickison

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