Urban Moonshine's NEW Organic Energy Tonic Keeps Me Going - Naturally

Despite going to bed early and getting up just 6 or 7 hours later, I still feel like I can't fit it all in. And I get the wicked dozies at around 2, like I could lay down and nap for an hour or two. I don't, because I'm already drastically behind schedule or just barely keeping up, but I feel the exhaustion behind my eyes and in my bones. I need a quick energy fix, but I don't want it in the form of  a chemically-induced soda with tons of sugars and sweeteners. I want something natural.

I know. That's asking an awful lot. 

But thankfully Urban Moonshine Organic Bitters & Tonics understands.

This small family business in Burlington, Vermont creates all natural, organic  herbal medicinal products that improve not only your health, but your life. They offer both bitters (which are great for your digestive system as well as in your cocktails!) and tonics (used to increase the body's natural defenses and energy supply).

I love the fact that you can build your well being, vitality and longevity simply by taking a tonic made from wild plants and other ingredients. And that Urban Moonshine makes a new Organic Energy Tonic, which allows me to get through the day without slumping over my desk or being unproductive in the middle of the day. It's such an amazing product that I keep it in my purse and on my desk - just so I can always be sure to have it on hand when I need it. 

Organic Energy Tonic not only helps increase my energy level, it strengthens my immune and endocrine functions and improves my concentration. This propriety blend of all natural ingredients including organic grape alcohol, hawthorn berry leaf and flower, organic licorice root, organic cinnamon and organic ginger means that I no longer have to give into a second cup of coffee or tea or a sugary snack to try and energize myself. It works very quickly - just 4-5 sprays in your mouth does the trick - and I love the bitter taste (bitter is so good for you, so relish in it!). It reminds me of  a bitter root beer or cola.

The incredibly amazing Urban Moonshine also carries Organic Joy Tonic, Organic Immune Tonic as well as a number of bitters. Why would you choose something bad for you when you can get something this good, this natural, that works almost immediately?

I'm a lifelong fan of Urban Moonshine. You can be too. Shop now.

Stephanie Dickison

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