Popcorn, Indiana Is My New Favourite Snack - So Insanely Delicious & Addictive

I have an intense salt tooth. You can have your cake pops and ganache, just give me some chips or popcorn and I'm a happy girl.

But I've been feling guilty about the high calories and fat in potato chips and the harmful ingredients and health hazards of microwave popcorn. So I had to find another solution - one that was quick and easy and most of all, tasty.

That's how I came to discover my new favourite healthy popcorn snacks by Popcorn, Indiana

First of all, they use farm-grown popcorn from Popcorn, Indiana. It's "honest-to-goodness corn that is specifically grown for popping," and have special kettles that are filled, " by hand, one scoop at a time, by real people." How amazing that you get such a hand-crafted product that's also readily available!

Secondly, their popcorn is all natural, whole grain, made from non-GMO corn and gluten-free with no trans fat, cholesterol, artificial flavours or preservatives, so I no longer have to feel guilty about indulging in one of my all-time favourite snacks. I can also eat more than a few kernels and keep my calorie count down low.

And thirdly, they have an abundance of flavours and options so you never have to tire of the same old, same old. Check out the ones I tried:

Not only does Popcorn, Indiana's Movie Theater Popcorn satiate my craving for rich, buttery popcorn that I crave when I go to the movies (which is incredibly unhealthy, BTW) , it's way healthier and comes in a warm-up bag that allows you to enjoy warm popcorn, just like at the theatre. Dim the lights and fire up a movie. You just got all the fun of going to the theatre in the comfort of your own home! I'll be buying this one by the case.

If you are in the mood for light popcorn, Touch of Sea Salt Popcorn is the perfect option. With just a touch of sea salt, it's amazingly satisfying and low in calories (3 cups is only 130 calories!). I love that the only ingredients are popcorn, canola oil and sea salt - just like you'd make it at home without any of the work or cleanup! And that it's been certified as a whole grain snack - if you have just two servings (for a total of 44 grams) you will have consumed nearly your entire daily USDA recommended allowance of 48 grams of whole grain!

Ooh, I'm going to warn you  - this Kettlecorn is highly addictive. It was incredibly hard to stop at just a few handfuls! The combination of salt and pure sugar cane coating each kernel is insanely delicious and it's amazing how gratifying it is to have both flavours at once.  This  has also been certified as a whole grain snack by the USDA and has only contains popcorn, sugar, canola and salt.

Do you ever get a craving for both popcorn AND chips? These will solve your problem - using corn and air, you get a popcorn-y chip that comfort and appeases while delighting your taste buds with both a high crunch and cheese factor!
And these are just a few of the flavours and options available. Yeah, you're going to love it. I really do.

Shop Popcorn Indiana now and snack healthier without sacrificing the taste for once!

Stephanie Dickison

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