Physicians Formula NEW pH Matchmaker Makeup Collection Gives You Customized Colour!

As you know, I'm no pro when it comes to makeup. I am in complete awe of women that can apply their makeup with ease and pick colours that complement their skintone.

I have very fair skin that's extremely pink (ew), paired with platinum hair and olive-y coloured eyes, so I always feel like I'm not doing a very good job of pulling it all together.

That's why I am completely over the moon for Physicians Formaula NEW pH Matchmaker Makeup Collection - it takes all of the guesswork out of what works for you and your own particular skintone!

This is the first ever pH powered makeup that adapts to the pH of your skin to create the perfect shade for you in less than 60 seconds

There are 3 products in this amazing new collection:

I have never felt confident with blush - recommendations have been everything from peach to pink to brown. It's because I'm so pink already! So you can imagine my elation over a blush that works with my skin. Using a fluorescein-based dye, the powder detects the pH level of your skin and adjusts the colour within 60 seconds (!!) to create your own customized blush. 

Along with photochromic powders - light adjusting pigments that "adapt to your environment so color looks the same indoors & outside," - an amazing fan-shaped brush that sweeps your colour on expertly (something else I never get right on my own) and a LED-powered mirrored compact that lights up so that you can apply and touch up wherever you are, whether it's a cramped, dim-lit airplane bathroom, movie theatre or club.

I am one of those girls who whenever I apply bronzer, I look like I'm either trying to camouflage myself or I end up all patchy and weird looking like clay that hasn't quite dried yet. So I stopped wearing it for fear of looking scary and gross. Now, thanks to pH Matchmaker pH Powered Bronzer, I look like I've had a touch of sun - natural, beautiful and subtle. As you can imagine, it now never leaves my side. And because it too, has a lighted mirror compact, I can apply it wherever I am. How amazing is that?

When it comes to lip colour, I also flounder. Sometimes pinks just bring out my natural pinkiness, beige tones can make me look like I'm suffering from hypothermia and peaches throw everything out of whack. That's why pH Matchmaker pH Powered Lip Gloss is perfect - it gives me a hint of pink with a high gloss that makes me look like me, just a little more perfect and polished. Ooh, it's brilliant!

Look, I'm just going to come right out and say it - you can finally have makeup that looks good, that looks right on you. It's a miracle.

Stephanie Dickison

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