Marcelle's NEW BB Cream Streamlines Your Makeup Routine

When warmer weather hits like these sweltering heat waves, I like to use a lighter foundation so that I'm not so cakey and I don't have to worry about it melting in the intense heat.

That's why I recommend switching to Marcelle's NEW BB Cream

This amazing 8-in-1 cream is so efficient and effective, it will completely change how you get ready in the morning.

It does everything your regular foundation does:

- evens out your skintone
- controls shininess
- reduces the look of any imperfections

But then you get the added bonus of:

- hydration 
- protection again aging and the environment
- skin regeneration
- soothing and calming ingredients 
- luminosity

So look at it this way - you're getting all of that in a cream that in the past, you would used just as makeup. This tinted moisturizer  can be used on it's own or if you like, as a makeup base or over your own moisturizer. The beauty is that you have all of those options and you can cater it to you, your skin and your lifestyle. I particularly love the fact that it reduces the amount of products that I have to use - both time and money wise -  and that it gives me light, weightless coverage in an instant.

It's available in 3 shades and is hypo-allergenic, non-comedogenic, free of perfumes, parabens and oil and dermatologist tested.

Yep, it's everything all is one sleek tube.

Buy Marcelle's NEW BB Cream now.

Stephanie Dickison

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