Fabulously Funny Stuff from The Joy of Ex Foundation

Just a year old, Sally Beerworth's The Joy of Ex Foundation is already a smashing success. 

It's due to her immensely smart, funny bone and being able to make light of a dark situation - divorce - that others can relate to.

Her products are so fantastic and addictive, so don't be surprised if once you find a bunch of stuff for yourself, you start shopping for friends, family and colleagues too. After all, the Book (Wine) Club Bag is suitable for so many people you know, right?  And the Kitchen Dancing Apron is a fantastic hostess/wedding shower/any occasion present. And I know you can think of at least 5 girls right now that you want to give the Mr. Right/Mr. Very Wrong Double-Sided Pillow Case to, never mind keeping one for yourself.

The Funny Stuff Poster/Print is a compilation of the many of the same sayings from the Mixed Selection of 11 Postcards, which I'm fortunate to now own. Of course my favourite is I Sleep with books, because well, I most certainly do and always have. In fact, I love it so much I'm framing it to put over my bed. I sent the Mary Poppins was on something card to my friend Diana to make her smile and I've posted I can hear a chocolate foil from 100 yards to a chocoholic colleague that I know she'll prop up proudly right on her desk at work. There are 8 more colourful cards on thick paper, which means they'll stand up in the mail or fit right in - frame or no frame - to your decor:

* Girls just wanna have funds
* Vodka is my mental bleach
* I am in a love triangle with Ben & Jerry
* I go from 0 to naked in 2.5 glasses
* Proud to lick cake bowls
* You can't get Mondayitis if you don't know what day it is
* I pay bouncers to ask me for my ID
* Stretch marks are just a trail to my good bits 

And let's not forget about the design aspect of all of these as well. I love that Sally's statements aren't cluttered with a distracting pattern. Instead the handwritten lettering and modern colours  simply accentuate the hilarious sentiments.

I adore The Joy of Ex and pledge to be a lifelong fan. Shop now and join in on the fun. Warning: once you get started, you won't be able to stop.

Stephanie Dickison

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