Spring Clean & Detoxify with Giovanni D:tox System for Face

Back in 2008, I discovered Giovanni's incredible D:tox System Body Care. It's still one of my favourite go-to product lines when I want to detoxify and renew. So of course I was incredibly excited to discover their fresh, new NEW D:tox System for Face Line.

Their NEW Purifying Facial Mask is the easiest mask I've ever applied. It's the first one I've ever used in all of my decades-long of using them that it's gone on so smoothly like a cream, without drying or caking right away. I was able to get amazing coverage for the first time EVER, thanks to its amazing consistency. It's also the only one I've ever tried that feels moisturizing despite all the extracting and pulling away of impurities and pollutants that the volcanic ash and activated charcoal are doing. 

I have added acai and goji berries to my diet and have noticed such a difference. So when I saw these powerful ingredients were being used in the mask, I was thrilled - these amazing antioxidants fight free radicals, so your skin is clean, clear and as ready to take on the day as you are.

And I've never experienced such a lovely scent in a mask before. It's fresh and spring-like, making the wait time of 20 minutes feel more like a vacation then a chore. Perhaps it's the blend of great ingredients like valencia oranges, sugar maple, sugar cane, lemon extract, aloe vera juice, fig and green tea extracts, along with natural fragrances. It smells so good, you'll look forward to doing your mask for once. And two to three times a week? Can't wait.

And as a result your skin will rejuvenated and radiant.

Get yourself Giovanni D:tox NEW Purifying Facial Mask and look and feel pampered, no matter how stressful your day/life is.

p.s. There are no phthalates, artificial fragrances, dyes, sulfates or parabens and this mask is hypoallergenic, dermatologist and clinically tested.

p.p.s. Click here to find a retailer near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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