Look Alive with Philosophy Eyes Wide Open Instant Refreshing & Depuffing Eye Gel

Going back to work on a Monday after a long weekend can be rough.

All that eating, drinking, staying up late - it certainly catches up with you when that alarm goes off, doesn't it?

Well, I may not be able to help you with that tired feeling that's going to drag beside you all day today, but I can help with those puffy eyes and dark circles.

One of the best products I've ever tried is Philosophy Eyes Wide Open Instant Refreshing & Depuffing Eye Gel. Not only does it keep your sleepless night a secret, it feels so soothing and cooling that you'll want to use it no matter how early - or late - you went to bed!

Light and clear, this refreshing gel goes on so quickly and easily. And like a souffle falling, your bags and puffs, lines and crevices, instantly fade, making people wonder how you can do all that you do and still look this good. It's chock full of rich ingredients like bioflavonoids, caffeine and natural seaweed extracts, so your skin stays smooth and hydrated all day long, not just when you apply it before your long workday.

I absolutely loooove the fact that it's small enough to bring with you anywhere, including planes! You no longer have to suffer mid-flight with dehydrated skin and bags that make you look like you're a hundred when you land. I recently took it on a work trip to Mexico where there was a ton of changing planes and breathing in recycled air. I was thrilled to have Eyes Wide Open at the ready. Never did I look as tired as I felt.

In other words, you're not only going to want to use this every day, but keep it near you at all times. Sometimes mid-afternoon when I'm feeling that p.m. slump coming on, I daub on my miracle eye gel and it wakes me up and keeps my tired eyes (we spend so much time staring at the screen, don't we?) looking and feeling great.

It's a must-have item. So go on and get yours now. You'll be looking your old young self again in mere moments!

Stephanie Dickison

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