Just in Time for Spring: Honeywell with Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan

It's springtime and soon it will be summer. It's time to start thinking about a fan.

But so many fans turn out to be wobbly pieces of plastic that don't even last the season. Or else they are so big and bulky that you feel you have to get rid of furniture. I'd been down these roads before, so I went in search of a fan that would deliver a great breeze without falling apart or taking up a whole room.

I found the perfect one with an added bonus! The Honeywell with Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan is a compact little beauty  It's meant as a table top device for your kitchen or bathroom, but I find it works really well on the floor of my office. It helps not only keeps the airflow moving in the small space, but it has completely eliminated not only the staleness of the room, but any lingering odors (workout clothes, our cat) thanks to the slight floral scent of the Febreze Set&Refresh scent cartridges. You can set it to oscillate or stand still, but either way, it doesn't blow all of my papers around - instead it simply delivers a cool breeze that makes such a difference to the space, after just a few minutes even.

Which brings me to this point - this is a fan that you can use all year long because it doesn't just cool a room, it freshens it. And its quiet whir is quite comforting to me as I while away the hours at my desk.

I love that I can bring the freshness of spring indoors anytime I want to and that I can feel like I've got fresh air in the house even if I haven't propped a single window open and that it's built to last.

The Honeywell with Febreze Freshness Cool & Refresh Fan is available now at Target and Walmart.

Stephanie Dickison

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