J. Fein Designs Creates Standout Eco-Friendly Jewelry

When I wear jewelry, I want it to get noticed. 

That's why I'm enamored with J. Fein Designs, jewelry made by Jessica Feinsmith.

This jewelry is a mix of materials: "vintage close-out jewelry findings" and "sustainably harvested wood ring shanks imported from Bali." The combination makes for stunning pieces that are fun that will last long after this year's fickle trends. Modern with a vintage-y edge, they pair nicely whether you're rocking a tangerine tee and skinny jeans or donning a silver sheath for a fancy event. Just what you've needed for like, forever - jewelry that goes with everything in your wardrobe, not just date-night, out-on-the-town, gala-dinner clothes!

J.Fein Designs does rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, all at prices you can afford, so go ahead and shop for you and your best friend. There's no breaking the bank here!

There are 2 collections to choose from - Infinite Vintage and Swarovski - and there's something for everyone: show your love for Aphrodite, Asian design or go bold with a Black Rose! Are you more of an earring gal? These Clockwork Feather Earrings need no introduction.

I'm rocking the Boutonniere Silver, which simultaneously feels right outta the Jazz Era and uber modern day. The juxtaposition of silver on wood is incredibly striking. And the flower is big - it goes from the base of my finger all the way to the top of my knuckle. Yep, this is definitely going to draw the crowd. There are matching earrings too. And in gold.

So shop online both at J. Fein Designs and the Etsy store now and get yourself some new accessories that are beautiful and bold - just like you.

p.s. also, J. Fein Designs has partnered with boutiques and salons across the US to make their accessories available, so look to see what stores are near you.

Stephanie Dickison

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