Hem Gems - Rock Your Jeans No Matter What Shoes You're Wearing!

I find it really hard to get jeans that fit me. I've got longish legs, a small waist and a sizable bum, so searching for the perfect pair can be a lengthy process - either they're too short or they gap in the back (I know you know what I'm talkin' about). So when I find a pair that does fit all of my ahem, requirements, I hang onto them for dear life.

But that doesn't mean that I can wear just any ol' shoe with 'em. Oh no, some are super long so I can only wear them with heels, while others just graze my ankle which means flats only. It's a whole thing.

Or at least it used to be. Thanks to Hem Gems, you can temporarily hem your jeans so that you can wear 'em any way you want to with whatever shoe, sandal or boot you want to. No sewing, ironing, taping or stapling (don't tell me you've haven't considered it). And these are the only ones I've ever seen that allow you to show the original hem your jeans don't look altered in the least. That's awesome.

It's also super easy:

1. Fold up the hem so your jeans are the right length for the fabulous shoes you're going to wear.

2.  Hold the seam and tuck the cuff up and inside your pant leg, so just the original hem is showing.

3. Apply Hem Gems to the front, back and either side of your pant leg, above the original hem.

These decorative pins work like stud earrings and look just like the rivets on the pockets of your jeans. And because it allows you to show the original hem, no one will know that you've shortened your jeans - no dorky tailor job will ever muck up your jeans again!

Don't you have a few pairs of jeans that are torn and frayed at the bottom because you worn your "heels only" jeans with flats a few times? Yeah, that's a thing of the past now. All because of these little wonders.

Select from the Classic Rivet in Silver, Gold or Black or the Nautical Star in Silver or Gold. You get a set of 8, so rock all your jeans - blue, black, pink, white...!

Shop Hem Gems now and finally get your denim working double duty!

Stephanie Dickison

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