Want Fast & Easy Skincare That Works? Elayda Continuous Results Delivers!

I am constantly in search of skincare that makes me not only look younger, but luminous. I want that glowing skin that Charlize Theron, Rose Byrne and Kerry Washinton all have - that lit from within look.

Continuous Results by Elayda Skincare does that right from the first application. This amazing, easy-to-follow 3-piece system not only works on your wrinkles and age spots, it increases your retinol levels gradually so that you look more youthful every day you use it!

You start with the Gentle Hydrating Cleanser, which smells like fresh sea air and makes me smile every time I use it! It's creamy and soft on your skin, yet it gets rid of all of my makeup (no matter how stubborn), sweat and grime from the day each and every time. My skin doesn't feel dried out afterwards either, which I really appreciate. I love how clean and fresh my skin looks and feels. It

Now like I was saying, I like moisturizers that give me a radiant, glowing look. Nourishing Hydrator SPF15 does just that, as well as evens everything out, fills in my lines and really quenches my skin with hydration. Even hours later, I still look effervescent despite the frenetic pace of my day.  And it protects me against UVA and UVB damage, which saves me from having to apply yet another product. Hallelujah!

Before bed, I apply Transforming Complex. The foam treatment is weightless as it goes on, but don't mistake it for air. In fact, it's imbibing your skin with pure retinol, along with other pro-collagen ingredients so that when you wake up, you'll notice a newer, more youthful look to your skin. All of that dullness that you had leftover from winter? Gone! Uneven skintone? Gone! And that supple skin that you thought was a thing of the past? It's back, baby. And it continues as long as you use it!

Life is hard enough without having to have a thousand bottles and directions to follow. Continuous Results by Elayda Skincare takes just a few seconds a day and yet you reverse the clock by years. Fit your skincare to your lifestyle, not the other way around.

p.s. Even though it looks and acts like an expensive skincare line, it's surprisingly affordable. Bonus!

Stephanie Dickison

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