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It's been almost 4 months since we moved in this new house and I'm still putting the finishing touches on everything.

It's been a fantastic opportunity to rethink our belongings and furnishings and leave what works and rejig what doesn't. During this immensely creatively-satisfying time, I have discovered a new found love of modern design and patterns (previously, I always went with solids and muted colours). So I went in search of fresh, fun and contemporary accessories, it was love at first sight with Hen House Linens!

Jenny Davids has created colourful, chic linens that are everything from preppy and sophisticated to fun and elegant. Whether you're looking for a new look for your dining room (dinner napkins & placemats,    tablecloths & runners, quilted chargers, cocktail napkins), kitchen (cocktail aprons, cook's aprons, oven mitts & potholders) living room, bedroom  (pillows) or bathroom (guest towels), you'll be able to add instant panache to your home.

Mealtime is so much better and brighter thanks to Hen House Linens Dinner Napkins!

I find great comfort in dinnertime. It marks the end of my crazy work day, allows me to indulge in my passion for food and cooking and provides face time with my fella. But something has been missing. I wanted a little ritual, a little grace added to this momentous time in our day. And beautiful dinner napkins (along with lit candles and sometimes a glass of wine) was exactly what I needed! 

These stunning 20" x 20" napkins are made from 100% cotton and have not only a lovely weight, but a crisp finish to them that make them look tres expensive! The rich feel between your fingers illustrates the great workmanship and quality at work here. Because Jenny uses colour-fast dyes, you can go ahead and wash and dry these babies along with your other laundry (just be sure to wash in cold water and dry on low) and as you'll see, they soften as you use and wash them, but they never lose their charm and allure!

I got them in Tapestry Ocean, which is in the background of both the top image and above. See how different it can look depending on what you pair it with? I love that it has a modern edge but can absolutely work with whatever your look - Victorian, Shabby Chic or like mine, Eclectic Modern Creative! It's a little more robin's egg blue than in the picture, which goes perfectly with my sand coloured walls and brushed metal finishes! Thank you, Hen House Linens - dinnertime finally looks and feels fabulous!

Shop Hen House Linens now and make your house a home. The prettiest, most charming home. 

All within your budget.

Stephanie Dickison

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