Norpro's Grip-Ez Vegetable/Fruit Wedger is Your Own Personal Sous Chef

Do you often feel rushed trying to get a dinner on the table?
Do you wish that you could entertain at the drop of a hat?
How many times have you wished that you could slice your fruits & veg more quickly and efficiently?
Wouldn't that cocktail be better with a wedge of lemon or lime?

That's why you've got to get yourself Norpro's Grip-EZ Vegetable/Fruit Wedger. It wedges your fruit and veg into 6 perfect wedges so that your food looks as good as it tastes. I love that its super easy to use - just slip the precision, stainless steel serrated blades over your fruit/veg of choice and thanks to the ergonomic, non-slip comfort handles and a non-slip base - you're done!

See, I know you might have thought that it would be quicker/easier to just cut it with a knife, but just watch - you'll be having more grapefruits and oranges for breakfast and dessert because it's sooo fast and easy! You'll be whipping up wedge potatoes, tomatoes, peppers and onions as quick snacks, roasting beets and celeriac for cozy sides, assembling fajitas and kebobs for dinner on  the BBQ and slicing through lemons and limes for poolside drinks and after-dinner drinks in a flash. Garnishes for party platters? Done!

Save yourself some time and energy. In fact, now that you've got a moment, why don't you put your feet up and have a drink? Ahhhh, Isn't that better?

Stephanie Dickison

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