BeGreenCue's Handmade Heart-Shaped Memo Boards - Pinterest for Home!

We all have bills, reminders, mementos and other bits and pieces that need to stay in eye's view. But bulletin boards are so ugly - you can do so much better than that. And why not have a beautiful place to display all of your things, even if it's just bills and reminders?

Handmade Heart Memo Boards by BeGreenCue are not only the perfect solution and accessory - they make a wonderful gift too (hint, hint - Mother's Day is quickly approaching...).

Each memo board is handcrafted using beautiful fabrics and ribbons and not only is there a large selection to choose from, you can get them customized to suit your decor and personality, so really, the sky's the limit!

And I love their wall mount system that allows you to reposition it as many times as you like without hammering a single nail into your wall. Isn't that lovely?

I like that there are ready-made styles to choose from such as the Paris Memo Board (pictured above), pretty Lilies and stunning Palm Leaves. I went with the basic white with turquoise as those are the colour of my home office (so soothing!). Isn't that so much better than a college dorm room cork board or trying to stick everything you own and need to remember on the fridge door?

Yeah it is.

Consider it your own personal Pinterest at home. But prettier.

Stephanie Dickison

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