You're Going to Want to Do the Whole House in MissPrint's Wall Coverings & Interior Accessories!

Moving into a new house in December got me looking at home decorating and interior design again - something that I love, but after living in our last place for a decade, I seem to have exhausted what I could to there.

Now I had a whole new excuse to relish in home decor and I'm loving it. One of my favourite discoveries is MissPrint's Wall Coverings and Interior Accesssories! In fact, I think it is so fantastic that even though our walls were freshly painted before we moved in and look spectacular, I want to redo each and every one of them in MissPrint's wallpapers!

Each print originates from drawings done by hand and has a certain whimsy about it that you don't often see in such richly produced paper and hand-printed fabric. You can see the Scandinavian influence as well as mid-century design in Rebecca and Yvonne Drury's work. And working in an East London studio seems to instill a certain poshness to the products as well.

Not only are the designs fresh and bursting with energy, they are timeless in a way that they seem to borrow their style from 60s and yet they are cemented in our very modern times. Their other notable qualities are their rich colours and thick papers. You will ooh and ahh and you rub them between your fingers and start to place them around your home. They are so beautiful in fact, that you might just want to cover books and frame some of them as well! I'm certainly going to.

While you can certainly see the beauty of the paper on MissPrint's website, you really have to see them in person to get their true colours and textures. Lucky for you, you can order samples of their fabulous wallpaper, and spend your days holding them up to various walls, dreaming of your newly decorated home.

And not only are they alluring, their complete wallpaper range is PEFC certified, which means it is "derived entirely from sustainable forests. It is also printed with organic pigment inks, which are non-toxic, free of heavy metals and classed as non-carcinogenic." Let's see your other wallpapers do that AND be this stunning!

Take Pebble Leaf in Boathouse Blue, for example. It's hard to see the beauty of the blue, in between a cornflower and denim. It is so beautiful that it will inspire you to do your whole place in this colour.

Mountains Wallpaper in Dusk is uber contemporary but with its griege background and salmony sun, it will work with everything you've got - whether that's slick white IKEA furniture or oak chairs from the 40s. Mmm.

One of most retro prints has got to be Dandelion Mobile in Porcelain with Yellow. It makes me think of Mad Men style kitchens and diners trimmed in red booths and formica tables. It's happy, sunny and will have you out buying teak tables and craving cream pies!

Oh how I love Little Trees in Monochrome! It is bold without being too much and will go with everything just like a LBD.

If you want something bold and beautiful, I recommend Cotton Tree in Snapdragon Red. You can't see the tomato pulp colour on the site very well, but believe me when I say it's irresistible. It's just verging on red, but has a creaminess to it like the shades from the 40s and 50s, so it's not too red. It's a red you can most certainly live with, without ever tiring of it. This print makes me think of Manhattan socialite apartments with gilded mirrors and table service for 30. It's lush for sure, but it would most certainly work in a small kitchen with mismatched chairs or in a bedroom with mirrored tables and modern accoutrement.

And while Muscat is quite a gentle, sweet design, in the Yellow version, it bursts forth with great energy and verve! This is a great way to snazz up your place, even if you just do one accent wall or use it in a small space like a mudroom or bathroom.

Do you love Muscat, but want something a little softer? Muscat Small in Rose with White is lovely and pure without being too precious or tween girl.

But perhaps my favourite (it's really too hard to choose) is Saplings in Turquoise with Gold (pictured above). It's not my usual kind of look, but it is so simultaneously now and historic that it makes me smile, feel hope and want to bust outta my go-to looks. Really, it's inspiration on your wall. How amazing is that?
Please tell me you're going to get some of MissPrint's Hand-Printed Fabric while you're at it too - it's just too amazing not to!  Using only water-based inks, these beautiful woven fabrics will no doubt have you reupholstering your chairs, making bedspreads for all the kid's rooms and perhaps even making alluring totes and jackets.

And so now of course I'm obsessed with their recently released book, Printed Pattern by Rebecca and Yvonne Drury, a guide to developing and printing your own patterns and designs.

You can't help but fall for MissPrint (Oh how I want one of their lampshades and cushions too). I certainly have.

Shop MissPrint now and have the best walls of anyone in your neighbourhood!

Stephanie Dickison

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