This Easter Give Handcrafted Salish Sea Chocolate Made in a Chocolate Cottage

At this time of year, stores fill their shelves with cheap chocolate in the shape of rabbits and chicks. 

And while there's nothing wrong with that, I wanted to find something a little out of the ordinary and something completely extraordinary for this year's chocolate fest.

These incredible works of art are hand-molded Belgian chocolate made in a chocolate cottage on Salt Spring Island in British Columbia! Come on, that is just about the coolest thing ever!

The woman behind the bars (not the jail kind!) is Colleen Bowen, former owner of Malowneys Wine Cafe in Jasper, Alberta. A master chocolatier, she studied at Ecole Chocolat in Vancouver. 

Not only are these some of the finest chocolates you'll ever taste, but the bars are gorgeous - embossed with the incredible artwork of world-famous Haida Gwaii artist, Jim Hart. Each bar is crafted and wrapped by hand. Oh honey, forget the cheap stuff. Forget the truffles. You've got to get Crow and Bear Bars this Easter!

I highly recommend getting something from the Cedar Gift Box range, so you can keep the artwork with you long after the chocolate has disappeared! And talk about a great gift!

Whether you like milk or dark chocolate, there are a ton of varieties to please you, whether you're nibbling on it after dinner or want to use it to make a decadent dessert.

I have fallen hard for this little company. It just goes to show you that there are extraordinary people out there doing unbelievably amazing things. All in the most thoughtful, beautiful way.

Get Salish Sea Chocolate Company Crow & Bear Bars now. For Easter and for whenever. In fact, how about for always?

Stephanie Dickison

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