Show the Love with Stunning Handmade B. Impressed Letterpress Cards

Tonight is a friend's 40th birthday blowout. Next week is my 10-year anniversary with my fella. There is so much to be grateful for, so much to celebrate.

You know that just any ol' card won't do. These have got to be special cards. Very special cards.

Which is why I'm thrilled to have found B.Impressed Letterpress Cards, made lovingly by hand by Bessie Anderson.

Using hand-set vintage metal & wood type, she creates wonderfully rich, type illustrated cards that express the moment/your feelings better than you could have all on your own. I especially admire the way she combines upper and lowercase. Bessie says, "It's thrilling to find the *perfect* typeface or the *perfect* image to match the idea in my head, and this treasure-hunting process is something I cherish about the process prior to printing." For those of us who are crazy about type and fonts, we completely get it. 

I love the strong imagery and juxtaposition of colour and type used in this arresting Happy Birthday Card. I  cannot stop staring at this gorgeous Thank You Card (which is why I haven't sent it off in the mail yet). The serenity of it, the brilliant use of blues, the thick, flecked paper and rich textures just floors me. I may just keep it and frame it, I love it so much!

Looking for something beautiful and moving? This Thank U Card says it all (and too is perfect for framing). Even the plastic wrap it comes in is finished in a square of beautiful black and white tape. Whoever beauty is in the details was right.

I can't think of a better way to express your love and deepest gratitude than with these truly extraordinary Love Postcards (pictured above). The photo doesn't do the colour justice - they're vintage pink with a hint of salmon to them. Just beautiful. Once you see it, you'll want to have shoes and sweaters and perhaps even an old comforter in this colour. Bessie prints these "on light pink paper, with a pressure print of a dollie in red ink." I don't know what that means exactly, but the result is breathtaking. The black “X.O.” on top icing on the cake, really. I'm sending these to all of my nearest and dearest. In fact, you should buy these in bulk because they suit any occasion, not just Valentine's, Anniversaries, etc. 

Bessie says she makes handmade products "so that I can give products I love, to people that I love." You can feel that love, that care, that attention, in every card she makes. 

Shop B.Impressed now and get cards that really mean something.

p.s. Bessie also does custom printing and specializes in business cards. Why would you go to Staples for your business cards when you could have hers?

Stephanie Dickison

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