Paper Mate's InkJoy Pens Make Writing Effortless. At Least the Writing Down Part.

There are still a bunch of us Paper People out there.

While we are just as addicted to our laptops, iPads and smartphones as you are, we use paper and pens in tandem because there's nothing as satisfying (or quick) as making a list and then crossing things off of it.

Which is why we require only quality tools and materials. And which is why you'll see my filling in my datebook, making my endless to-do lists and writing thank you cards with my new InkJoy Pens by Paper Mate.

You'll remember how much I fell for Paper Mate's Gel Pens just in time for back-to-school last year, so it's no wonder I am bewitched by the new Inkjoys, which are not a ballpoint or gel.

See, Paper Mate went and found out from those of us who love to write things down that because of technology, because of time constraints and the busyness of life, Paper Lovers were looking for pens that wrote with "greater speed, smoothness and ease of writing than they can find in a traditional ballpoint, but without the smear that is common with a gel pen."

Yes! Absolutely! You hit the nail on the head!

So not only did the awesome folks at Paper Mate take the time to find out what we were looking for, they created it for us! Hence, the lovely InkJoy Pens that are now available.

It's amazing to feel the kind of hybridness of the smoothness of gel (no dragging) without the pressure that sometimes accompanies using a ballpoint. And what clean lines you get! It's pristine, really. Which is something you don't often see in pens in North America. I usually find that quality in Asian pens, but it's rare here.

InkJoy utilizes a ultra-low viscosity ink with optimized writing tips which gives you that insanely weightless feel that glides your pen along the page like you've never experienced before.
I love the blue, black and red pen InkJoy 300RT Pack  and the slim-barreled, tres chic 700RT Pack (pictured above), both with a medium 1.0 mm tip for everyday use. For colour-coding my calendar, writing thank you cards and other artistic endeavors, I am addicted to rainbow of colours of the InkJoy 100 Pack.

Just imagine the difference in your day if you wrote out that boring report in orange or could finish writing out cheques to pay the bills more quickly because your pen was actually keeping up with your hand!

They actually make writing effortless. Not so much in the creativity department maybe , but at least in the writing down of ideas part! If you still write things down, get yourself InkJoy pens. You'll see and feel the difference immediately.

Paper Mate offers 7 different styles of InkJoy pens, available wherever office products are sold, including Staples, Walmart, Loblaws and Basics.

Stephanie Dickison

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