Fight Aging With Just One Step - NeoStrata's New Anti-Aging Gel with Fruit Stem Cells

It's the beginning of the week. Are you feeling bedraggled? More importantly, do you look it?

It might be because you're using a moisturizer instead of an anti-aging cream. And yes, there's a difference. A very big difference.

And you want to use something good, something that's really going to target your wrinkles, crow's feet, age spots, dry, dull skin and whatever else you've got going on that's making you look older than you are.

Neostrata's brand new innovative Anti-Aging Gel with Fruit Stem Cells contains a breakthrough ingredient - PhytoCellTecTM -that comes from the plant cells of a rare Swiss apple, the Uttwiler Sp├Ątlauber and actually stimulates your skin's stem cells.  

As you age, your skin loses its ability to develop and restore skin tissue. This amazing light, oil-free pink gel not only delays your skin's aging, but gives you more youthful skin that you've had in recent years. It contains powerful ingredients to battle the signs of aging such as Matrixyl3000; retinol to reduce wrinkles and even out skin tone; Dermican to firm and plump the skin; and QuintescineIS, a peptide with strong antioxidant properties.

So you could have expensive and painful surgery or injections and come out looking like someone imitating you, or you can use this one product that does everything - buh-bye fine lines, wrinkles, rough, dull, uneven skin and dark circles! In fact, you'll see an immense difference after just 10 days of use, though I noticed changed to my complexion after just a few. My skin was firmer and had a radiance to it that our winter had rubbed away with its bitter cold.

My skin also felt moisturized, which you don't always get in an anti-aging product and I love how cooling the gel feels - perfect for this time of year as the weather warms up.

All that with just one or two applications a day.

I don't mind aging one bit. I just don't want to look it.

Get yourself  Neostrata Anti-Aging Gel with Fruit Stem Cells now and look more youthful by the end of the month!

Stephanie Dickison

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