Estée Lauder Introduces the Fabulous New Mad Men Collection!!!

Mad Men is not just a well-written, directed and acted television show. It's inspired a whole excitement for the clothing and look of the period! In fact, I now have "Joan" and "Betty" style dresses and accessories in my closet because I love the look so much.

So it's no wonder I am completely captivated by the fabulous NEW Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection.

This LIMITED EDITION makeup collection is an exclusive partnership with the Emmy® and Golden Globe® award-winning AMC drama Mad Men. There are 2 collection, the first debuting this month (timed with the premiere of Season 5!) and the second collection launches in time for Season 6 next year.

The first collection features two classic makeup items "inspired by the look of the women featured in Mad Men’s 1960’s New York City setting." It is a look that delivers a perfect shot of colour without looking overdone or overworked.  

Take the Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection Lipstick in Cherry, for example. It is creamy and rich, so you get a bold red lip that remains timeless, whether you're wearing a vintage cocktail dress or skinny jeans and tank.

I am fortunate to get to try on the second item in the collection - Creme Rouge in Evening Rose.This is one of those products that once you see the results, you want to be able to use forever. The colour is this dusty rose that is incredibly cheerful and flattering without being too pink. It's a very grown up pink, in fact. Something that can take you from the board room to drinks with the girls with ease.

The creme is very blendable and made so that you can build the colour if you like, but because I am quite fair, I need only a little to get great colour.  It is a much nicer finish than powder blush. It delivers a real freshness, much closer to how you'd naturally blush, I think, as well as a lovely nourished, supple look to your skin. It is simply perfect

And in addition to looking gorgeous on, you won't believe the exquisite packaging (which is why they are stunning gifts, so get as many as you can now - your girlfriends will love you forever).

First of all, the entire collection is housed in custom designed cartons inspired by the Estée Lauder packaging from the 1960’s. It is so authentic of the period, it's hard to believe it's newly done. The lipstick comes in an elegant fluted gold case in a leather-like gold pouch with fluted edging, as does the rouge. These too look right out of that decade.

On the compact's inner rim is an embossed stamp signifying the name of the limited edition collectionEstée Lauder Mad Men Collection - and on the exterior is a spectacular aqua gem accent.
The Estée Lauder Mad Men Collection will be available for a limited time beginning March 2012 exclusively on which can ship to Canadian customers, and at Bloomingdale’s and

Stephanie Dickison

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