Want a Specific Paper? Mohawk Fine Papers Has It All - Available in Every Colour

Sometimes with stationery, you want something very particular - a type or weight of paper or perhaps a texture or colour that you haven't been able to stop thinking about (you wake in the middle of the night thinking about stationery, don't you?).

That's where Mohawk Fine Papers comes in. The largest premium paper manufacturer in North America offers premium writing, text, cover, and digital papers, all at unbelievably affordable prices.

You might know Mohawk as the folks who brought us the amazing site Felt & Wire, and who happen to have an awesome shop on the site as well. Here, they offer limited quantities of "distinctive cardstock and envelopes for designers, creative printers, and crafters." I would like to add "stationery lovers, letter writers and thank you card senders" to that description, as that's what brought me to their site. 

I love that you can choose from superfine and smooth papers to a variety of colours and that you can match paper to envelopes for each occasion.

A beautiful ballerina pink can be found in Mohawk's Via Smooth Light Pink. The lightweight paper feels quite sturdy in the hand and the surface is so luscious and smooth, you won't be able to stop yourself from writing a tome with these. And would these Smooth Citrus Green be perfect for Easter? Their delicate colour is so pretty, you might just want to keep a blank sheet or envelope at your desk.

And I wish you could see the intricate detail of the Antique Vellum Straw paper.  Flecks and threads of warm colour make this thick paper a must have for any retro or modern project your working on (isn't it funny how it works superbly for both?). The same goes for the Beckett Concept Vellum Glacier Mist. The granite look is wonderfully classic and the cards are stiff enough to hold up against whatever you've got planned for your homemade invitations.

If you want something bright and bold, they do that too. BriteHue Vellum Red (pictured above) is drop dead gorgeous and feels almost satiny to the touch. There are a number of solids like this to choose from.

I love that you can get really quality paper and envelopes that won't cost you a fortune. Mohawk Fine Papers is one of my favourite haunts now. It can be yours too.

Shop now and have fabulous stationery to suit all of your moods, occasions and projects!

Stephanie Dickison

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