Come Sail Away with Bath & Body Works Island Paradise Signature Collection

Though this has been a reasonably mild winter, it's still February,  I'm still stuffed into my puffy coat and I still ache for a relaxing, sunny vacation somewhere.

Until that happens, I'm slathering myself in a holiday state of mind, thanks to Bath & Body Works Island Paradise Signature Collection featuring Aruba Coconut, Rio Rumberry and Bali Mango.

Aruba Coconut Lotion practically comes with the plinky sounds of ukeleles, warm evening breezes and the lulling sound of the ocean that always eases the stress right out of you:

Juicy Thai mango, fuji apple white nectarine and casaba melon give it its fruity essence, while  passionflower and vanilla orchid add a light floral touch. And the undeniably warm and sexy tones come way of luscious coconut cream, Tahitian vanilla and Indonesian sandalwood.
Bath & Body Works is so smart - they offer this scent a number of different ways so you can layer your way through the day with Aruba Coconut Shower Gel, Triple Moisture Body Cream, Glowing Body Scrub and Fragrance Mist.

I think I'll take another 2 vacations this season as well - with Rio Rumberry and Bali Mango.

Mmm. Ahh...

Stephanie Dickison

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