Spenco Medical's 2nd Skin Adhesives are the Best First Aid

Recently, my Mom cut her thumb while slicing a squash. Of course, you use your thumb for everything so the deep cut just wasn't healing and regular bandages weren't adhering, so she did what anyone would do and swaddled it with tissue and then taped it up with gift wrap tape.

Oh how I wish I'd know about Spenco Medical's 2nd Skin then! 

Spenco's hospital-proven moist dressings  help you heal faster and reduce scarring. This amazing line of products treats everything from burns, cuts, scrapes and blisters. Their adhesive bandages are comfortable and you won't experience any of that annoying rubbing, chafing and peeling that you've had up until now.

I love how thick and sturdy their Adhesive Knit bandages are and the blue cooling, soothing feel you instantly get from their Moist Burn Pads (pictured above). These are what doctors in hospitals are using, so why are you still buying those plastic bandages that only stay on for 5 minutes, top?

And when you can be more comfortable and heal faster, why wouldn't you? It just makes sense.

Stephanie Dickison

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