Wholesome Sweeteners Help You Move Away From White Sugar

I am overhauling everything in my life - my work, my home, my goals and my health - and one of my big goals is to consume less sugar.

One of the few lucky folks in the world that doesn't have a sweet tooth (I would rather down a jar of pickles than a box of chocolates), I always have sugar in my tea and coffee, of which I have a few every day. That really adds up to a lot of sugar by the end of the day/week.

And you don't have to look too far to learn that white sugar is not your best first choice. But what is the right one? Doesn't it all just end up as sugar anyway?

There are different choices, different products that affect your body and blood sugar differently, which is why I went to Wholesome Sweeteners.

These folks in Sugar Land, Texas offer Fair Trade Certified, organic and natural sugars, syrups, nectars and honeys, so you can choose what works for you, your lifestyle and your pocketbook:

- If you are looking to simply switch sugars, Wholesome Sweetener's Fair Trade Certified Organic Sugar has "just a hint of sugar cane's inherent molasses, which gives it a lovely pale blond color and mellow flavor," and their Fair Trade Certified Raw Cane Sugar (you might also know it by the name turbinado) is from Malawi and made from the first crystallization of cane juice. 

- Are you more of a sweetener person? Then perhaps Zero Calorie, Zero Glycemic Index Zero is for you. It's comprised of only one ingredient - erythritol - which "occurs naturally in fermented foods, many fruits and vegetables and even in us--our bodies produce it naturally," according to WS. It's also highly digestible, as well. And you've probably heard about stevia as it's low on the glycemic index. So explore their NEW Organic Stevia, which has no calories or artificial sweeteners.

- Agave (pronounced ah-gah-vay) is another ingredient that you've probably heard a lot of recently. This sweetener is available in many varieties such as New Organic Raw Blue Agave Packets and NEW Organic Vanilla Flavored Blue Agave Syrup from Central Mexico, so you can select whatever variety works with your hot drinks, cooking or baking needs.

Wholesome Sweeteners has a wonderful selection of products that allows you to choose the sweetener that's best for you.

Stephanie Dickison

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