Things Get Mighty Delicious Thanks to Studio Oh!

My life pretty much revolves around food and cooking. So when I discovered Studio Oh!, I knew I'd found my home-away-from-home.

Featuring products for all your kitchen needs, you'll not only find great stuff for yourself, but gifts that will be perfect for the next birthday/anniversary/dinner party gala.

One of Oh! Kitchen's beautifully-designed Recipe Keepers (available in a variety of designs) is a gift that they'll actually use! It allows you to work away at the recipe at hand without damaging the page, thanks to clever clear page protectors. And the flip-top layout makes your computer print out, magazine page or photocopy easy to manage and read. The 6 repositionable tabs (with pre-printed and blank stickers) and back pocket help keep you organized (and we both know what a challenge it is to keep your recipes organized!). And in case you're cooking away and need to quickly check on substitutions or conversions, you'll find it right here, so no need to step away from the rice you've got on gentle boil or the onions you want to soften without burning. With 70 pages to fill, you'll actually be able to finally try all of those recipes you've been collecting for years decades. Talk about a gift.

And because not all of us have time to wash and iron our placemats, Oh! Kitchen has created Paper Placements that look not only as good as cloth ones, but in opinion much better, thanks to the vibrant prints and patterns they created! If you want something classic, Celebrate in Silver, Silver & Black or Celebrate in Gold look smashing against your homemade fare. If you want something a little more traditional, Bountiful Fruit, Floral/Lime Green or Floral/Teal will add a colourful punch to all those beige root vegetables you're cooking.  And for those with a soft spot for retro, Garden Variety, Italiano and Retro Cafe are great fun. There are 50 sheets per pad, printed with food-safe soy-basked ink on FSC paper, so go ahead and eat in style without any added laundry. Amen!

I love to share and send recipes with friends and relatives and one of the most memorable, gorgeous ways is Oh! Kitchen's Mini Boxes of Recipes. Choose from these delightful collections - Cupcakes, French Cookies, Chocolate, Tea Time, Champagne Cocktails (pictured above) and Small Bites. Each box contains 20 recipes each with a stunning vintage illustration. The box is embellished with foil stamping, so there's no need to gift wrap these beauties either (cha-ching - time and money saved!)

I have been sending Cupcakes ones to friends as kind of a winter pick-me-up and Champagne Cocktails came just in the nick of time - we moved just before Christmas and our lovely friends and neighbours who have come by visit have come armed with Champagne. It's nice to drink on it's own, but we wanted something more exciting - so guess who's having Lemon Hummers, Stormy Seas and Old-Time Cream Soda? Thank you Oh! Kitchen. For the Small Bites box too. Entertaining has been super easy thanks to having recipes like Magic of India Eggplant Pakoras, Tres Chic Truffled Chickpea Salad and Wine A Bit Creamed Mushrooms & Parsley Toasts.
Shop all of Studio Oh! and make 2012 your most delicious year to date.

Stephanie Dickison

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