Shop Laurie Raphaël's Boutique & Become An Instant Gourmand at Home

If you are going to Montreal, there's many places to stay, but nothing as exquisite as the Hotel Le Germain

While the stunning, luxurious rooms are enough to wow you on their own, you've got to eat at their restaurant, Laurie Raphaël, located on the hotel's premises.

I'll be writing about my exquisite meal in detail shortly for Poetry of Food magazine, but in the meantime, I thought you should know that you can buy their memorable ingredients to take home with you through their beautiful Boutique.

It's always hard for me to leave Montreal, a city bursting with fantastic food, so it was nice to have LR's Strawberry Jam (pictured above) and Grilling Salts to console and tide me over until my next visit.

I don't eat a lot of bread, so jam usually lasts a long time in our house. However, LR's Strawberry Jam - made only from strawberries, sugar, pectin and agar agar - was all gone in two days. Fresh and vibrant, it was like having freshly-picked strawberries in a summer field as opposed to strawberry jam in the cold of winter (there are other varieties available- be smart and get 'em all!).

The incredible Grilling Salts have amped up all of the dishes - fish, chicken, beef and veg - and even inspired me to use it in different ways like lightly sprinkled on hot, bubbling, cheesy bruschetta and mixed in with my Caesar salad dressing!

Laurie Raphaël Boutique allow you to elevate your cooking with just one or two ingredients. Just imagine - you'll be having restaurant-quality meals without having to leave the house.Now that's luxurious!
Reserve a table at Laurie Raphaël and shop their Boutique now.

p.s. Start saving now for the amazing Gourmet Suitcase!

Stephanie Dickison

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