Orange Circle Studio's Calendars & Planners Make It Easy to Get on Track!

Sometimes the secret to being organized is having somewhere beautiful to write everything. When you've got a pretty calendar, you want to look at it and use it. It's no wonder you haven't been productive - who wants to look at something utilitarian from an office supply chain every day?

I love the beautiful calendars and planners from Orange Circle Studio.

Take the Bold Blossoms Magnetic Message Centre, for instance. The contemporary floral design is striking, isn't it? I think it adds real pop to any space. And of course having the large grid schedule in which to record your appointments makes double booking yourself a thing of the past. And the addition of the attractive12" x 12" whiteboard - complete with dry-erase pen and 2 magnets - means that everything stays in one central location. Which means that finally the whole family is on the same page and you get to do it all on a beautiful background for once.

And for those of you who need to keep track of things a little more intricately, the 2012 Do It All Mom Planner has got you covered.  This sweetly designed book is designed in a soothing colour palette, making it a sheer joy to keep track of everything you've got going on. 286 stickers are included so planning becomes a little less mundane than you're used to.

A pocket right on the cover gives you instant access to your lists, receipts and whatever else you need to stash close at hand. An entire week is spread over two pages with spaces for up to 5 people, giving you a clear look at who's doing what when. A whack of 60 tear-off to-do and shopping lists saves you from having to look for paper elsewhere, so you can write things down as soon as you think of them - saving you a ton of time and energy.

And the elastic band closure makes it easy to bring this perfectly sized life plan everywhere you go. Because you're going to need it to accomplish everything you want to do this year.

These are only two of the amazing calendar and planner options at Orange Circle Studio, so shop the entire collection and get something that not only rocks your day, but rocks your entire world.

Stephanie Dickison

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