Fill Your Home with Monorail Studio's Breathtaking Artisan Prints & Paper Goods

We moved just before Christmas and are only now getting around to putting stuff up on the wall (we had to get some furniture in there first).

And truthfully, we have outgrown some of the stuff we'd bought a decade ago and grown tired of it. We wanted to infuse the new house with modern, energetic pieces that are also smart and witty.

After a hearty search traipsing around the city and online, I stumbled across the exquisite Monorail Studio, based out of Austin, TX. Their gorgeous handprinted posters and screenprints will not only transform your home into an enviable gallery, the work is so incredibly affordable (especially considering how much work and care goes into each print) that you'll be able to get prints as gifts for friends and family as well as for your own walls!

Limited-edition works by artists Daniella Valerio and Sandrine Molnar are made using eco-friendly paper and inks and then printed and packaged by hand. How amazing to have a piece of handcrafted art like this to enjoy every day! Crisp images on thick, sturdy board in the most pleasing colours are the perfect way to snazz up the joint.

I know a ton of food folks that would truly treasure this fun Farm Fresh print and the Three Feathers print is so posh, I think it's my pick for gift of the year.

For our place, I've put Play Like a Pirate up in our new office. The rich blue is so lovely (a little darker than it looks here pictured above and on the website - you can select other colours too), I want to paint the bedroom that colour (and if my restaurant was up and running, I'd do the walls this colour too. Of course the saying and anchor graphic stun me too, but this is what Monorail does so beautifully - everything is so cohesive that you love every inch of their work to pieces.   

And then some.

And over the breakfast bar in the kitchen, we've got the You Are the Gin to My Tonic print for all to see. It's so very apropos as my fella is quite the mixologist and we do quip in the vein of the Algonquin folks. But what gets me most about this astonishing print aside from the sentiment, is the choice of script (a jaunty, yet classic serif font) and colour (a cool, minty green; the colour of milkshake machines).

It's absolute perfection. 

I will be shopping at Monorail Studio for the rest of my days. You should too.

Stephanie Dickison

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