Look Luminous this Season with Snowberry Beauty

Have you switched your skincare over to all natural yet?

If you haven't you should. Things are different nowadays and companies have discovered that certain all-natural ingredients give you the powerful protection and nourishment that your skin needs without all the chemicals.

Snowberry Beauty was created by Soraya who wanted to offer "skin care that will be as gentle but as enduring in its effect as possible." She says, "It seeks to enhance rather than intervene. It supports rather than attempts to replace wellness and good health as the source of naturally beautiful skin."

What a wonderful way  to start and end your day - feeding your skin without petrochemicals, silicones, artificial preservatives and colours, glycols and parabens. And you know by now that what you put on your skin goes into your body, so switching to Snowberry will not only give you better skin, it's better for you.

Nourishing Lite Day Cream is one of the products that once you find, you hold onto. It's an anti-aging cream designed for combination skin that moisturizes without feeling heavy. And it's light, spring-like scent transports you into the middle of summer fields. Your skin will be smooth, hydrated and protected. Your wrinkles will fade so that you look younger, more rested. It is made from the most amazing extracts - honeysuckle, cultured white pearl and Mother of Pearl! - as well as exotic oils like coffee bean. Don't let the word "light" fool you - this right here is one luxurious cream.

If you want brighter, more luminous skin this season, get yourself Snowberry's Bright Defense Day Cream No. 2. It too is designed for combinations skin, so it works on both your dry and oily parts. Skin brighteners mix and mingle with  herbal emollients such as rosehip, grapeseed, passion flower and macadamia, as well as New Zealand Harakeke Oil, "cultivated in the Snowberry gardens."  This light cream is the colour of medium foundation but you'll notice brighter, smoother and more even-toned skin within just a few applications. Oh, and this one smells good too.

Snowberry Beauty makes products that make you look and feel good inside and out. Now that right there, is a true gift.

Stephanie Dickison

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