Trish Stratus' Stratusphere Yoga Fitness Kit is the Only Yoga Kit You Need!

Trish Stratus is a powerhouse, though she is so petite and beautiful that there are long moments where you forget that she could pin you and your entire family down in a millisecond.

I have interviewed Trish twice - most recently for current issue of Sweat Equity magazine - and both times I've come away feeling empowered and invigorated. That's the thing about Trish - you can't help but get swept up in her bubbly energy.
So when I had the opportunity to try out her new Stratusphere Yoga Fitness Kit, I couldn't resist. If anyone could get me on the floor doing yoga, it would be the fabulous Miss S.

The Kit comes with a 4 mm thick PVC yoga mat (the cushiest, most comfortable mat I've ever used), a yoga workout DVD instructed by Trish Stratus, a NurTRISHion Journal, and a poster of Trish's Yoga Warrior Goddess Routine (as featured in Oxygen Magazine). The workout can be amped up by getting Trish's Stratusphere Fitgloves, which are sold separately and which she wears throughout the intense workouts.

I love that the 5 routines (each one is targeted to specific muscle group) are divided into 10 minute segments, so you can work on abs one day and legs the other, or you can choose to do all of them in one go. It fits into your schedule, however that looks, so you don't have to feel guilty about not having the time or trying to make it to an another awkwardly scheduled class that falls right in the middle of what you've got to do.

I did them all from beginning to end, and talk about dynamic! This is the smoothest transitioning workout I've ever seen on DVD and it's fast too, so you feel your heart rate increase as well as calories being burned through. I love that Trish doesn't give you time to think and drift off like many yoga workouts. The way she's designed the poses, it is energizing and after just a few minutes, I was flowing right along with her, although I have only been to a handful of classes in my life. I couldn't do as many pushups as her, but I'm determined to keep trying until I get there.

Trish is incredibly motivating and smiles throughout the entire DVD - you can see and feel her warmth coming through the screen. It's like having a friend and support system right there with you. I felt like some of the positions were too crazy for me to attempt (there's one where you put your knee on your elbow....), but she made it seem possible. That's exactly the kind of teacher you want - encouraging and supportive - and that's just who Trish is.

I like that the set of the DVD is kept simple - you simply don't have time to focus on anything else as you swoop from planks to downward dogs, bikram triangles to chair poses. I like that it engages your mind as much as your body and that you feel the burn whether it's in your arms or glutes. Despite being a fitness instructor years ago, I was sore the next day. In a really good way, but still sore (I bet you're in better shape than I am, so you won't have to worry about that....).

The Stratusphere Yoga DVD just goes to show that yoga can be a really exciting challenge, something I've never experienced before. If only Trish's Stratusphere Yoga Studio were closer...

I also appreciated the inclusion of the Stratusphere NuTRISHion Journal in the kit, as once you're in the yoga zone, you'll notice you'll want to change your eating habits. Trish gives you yet another tool to help balance your whole life (She'd be a great life coach!). This daily guide gives you a place to list your meals and snacks. She shows you what foods to stock up on and what to get rid of. She also shares a page from her own journal, where she records what she eats, how much water she's had and uh, if she's pooped or not - which is something you want to be doing daily and on each page in the journal, there's a place for you to check off when that's occurred.

Trish Stratus is one of the most encouraging, positive, energetic, powerful, kind, talented, beautiful human beings I've ever met. And now you can do yoga with her anytime you want to!

I plan on having a yoga date with her at least once a week, thanks to my amazing, life-changing Stratusphere Yoga Fitness Kit.

Stephanie Dickison

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