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On Friday, I left for Montreal for the weekend. I knew I was going to a posh lunch, the theatre and fancy dinner, but in between I'd be walking around in chilly neighbourhoods going to shops and museums, amongst other things (yes, it was jam-packed!). What the hell was I going to wear? I had been through my closet twice on Thursday and everything was single-purpose - nothing would work double-duty, which is what I'd need on a trip this length and this time of year.

That's when Karen Kane swooped in like a superhero and saved the day weekend!

The beautiful box, complete with ribbon and box, arrived Thursday afternoon.

First I unearthed the Wrap Top Sweater Dress. Modern and sexy, this dress works for everything from office attire to holiday party celebrations. Me? I wore it to dinner and a concert in Montreal, but you'd better believe this is going to be a season staple. Not only was it unbelievably comfortable (all that sitting in one evening was the perfect litmus test), but warm too (here is Canada, although it's unseasonably warm, it's still cold at night). The sleeves are long, just slightly past my wrists, which we all know is damn alluring and the v neck combined with the wrap top is incredibly flattering. And the pattern? Enticing and edgy all at once and so much more exciting than plain black. It's perfect.

Then I came to the incredibly sumptuous Karen Kane Convertible Collar Sweater in Grey (also avialable in Black) Ooh, I love clothes that do double or triple duty. One - it saves room in the closet, and two - you will get more use of it if you can wear it different ways. The draped collar creates a dramatic line when you wear it in front. I also like how appealing (and practical) it is worn as a hood. Lastly, for a little extra seduction, you can pull it across your shoulders and show off that gorgeous clavicle of yours. The added bonus (like all those looks in one sweater isn't enough!) is that it's not only warm, but the combination of acrylic and spandex is actually quite soft and breathable, so whether you're indoors or outside, you'll be comfortable. It was the perfect thing to wear on a cool day where I was outside at the farmer's market in the morning, inside for lunch and a tour around a museum and then back outside for a walk along Ste. Catherine back to the hotel. I felt amazing - like a millions bucks! In one of the most fashionable cities in the world! There's no way I would have been that comfortable or looked as good with my own clothes. Nu uh.

These are just two items available at Karen Kane. You should shop the entire Fall and Holiday 2011 Collections now and get pieces that work whether you're at home, the office or out on the town. And there's nothing better than looking great and being comfortable beyond belief.

Shopping for clothes has never been easier, thanks to Karen Kane.

Stephanie Dickison

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