Sibu Beauty Will Make a Sea Buckthorn Lover Out of You

I had heard the name sea buckthorn before discovering Sibu Beauty, but I didn't know anything about it.

Now thanks to Sibu, I can't stop singing its praises as I've seen how quickly and effectively it works! These berries are all-natural, wild-crafted and fairly traded. Full of not just omega fatty acids 3-6-9 but 7 (7 is only found in 2 known plant sources - macadamia nuts and sea buckthorn berries) and a natural source of vitamins A,B,C and E.

It also is designed to restore you inside and out. This ancient berry from Tibet does everything from promote collagen to healing skin wounds to nourishing your hair and nails. It truly is a miracle worker, which is why I fell for all the Sibu Beauty Products I tried!

Starting from the inside, Sea Buckthorn Liquid Supplement provides you with the fatty acids that you need, improving your skins tone and texture. Just 1-3 oz. of the sweet and tart liquid every day is all it takes! And after taking the Sea Buckthorn Oil with Omega 7 Capsules, you should see how thick my nails are and my usually straw-like hair is manageable and soft. Just 2 capsules daily and you get that PLUS it repairs and rejuvenates damaged cells, works to rid you of free radicals, increases your vitality and soothes and repairs linings of digestive and uro-genital tracts! They are made only of a proprietary blend of sea buckthorn fruit and seed oil . They are 100% natural and contain no dairy, wheat, gluten, sodium, yeast or preservatives. I'm making these a regular part of my daily vitamin and supplement intake.

For applying on your skin, one of the best cleansers I've ever tried is Sibu's Balancing Facial Cleanser. Micro-particles exfoliate your skin - gently enough that it doesn't hurt, but hard enough that it removes dead skin, dirt, makeup, oil and impurities. I love the smell and feel - in fact, I look forward to this ritual before bed now, thanks to Sibu - as well as how clean, fresh and hydrated my skin feels afterwards. I never feel that tightness that you get with many cleansers.

I don't usually find serums all that hydrating, but Sibu Beauty's is. I love rubbing this on because my skin feels like it's been to the spa afterwards and my complexion always brightens and evens out. And of course now that I'm getting older, I appreciate the stimulation of collagen production too. But mostly, I love the immediate feeling of moisture and hydration, especially now that it's cool out and the heat's come on....

And to ensure that my skin stays supple and youthful, I'm slathering on the lovely Replenishing Night Cream every night too. Ooh, you should see how my skin glows and how my fine lines and wrinkles have diminished. This is one of the few products where I wake up and my skin look good enough that I can leave the house without a stitch of makeup. That's how models live, and now thanks to Sibu, I can too.

It's easy to see why I love Sibu Beauty so much - all of this healthy stuff at such reasonable prices.

Stephanie Dickison

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