Rock Out and Rock On with Moshi Moonrock Headphones!

I either walk or take the subway everywhere and I always look around to see what people are reading and listening to.

I've noticed lately that though there are a lot of music lovers out there, there aren't very interesting headphones. In fact, it looks like many people are using the ones that come with their phone or iPod.

Tsk tsk.

Don't you want rockin' sound when you listen to your favourite songs? Don't you want to hear everything from the backup singers to the sweep of the brush on the symbol?

That's why you've got to get yourself Moshi Moonrocks.

Made specifically to go with your iPod, iPhone and iPad, these uniquely gorgeous earphones come in 6 stellar colours. But we both know that looks aren't everything.

Lucky for us, you get looks and substance. Hear crisp highs and balanced mids and bass without interference from the outside world as they tuck into your ear and block out everything but the music or podcast you're listening to.They are so soft and comfortable with a squishiness that makes them feel like they've been custom made. And even if you don't have the volume turned up high, you'll be hearing instruments and sounds on songs that you previously missed because you settled for the earphones that came with your device.
And because you are doing everything in your power to simplify and make life easier, Moonrocks (I got the lime ones, pictured above) are equipped with an iPhone-compatible microphone for answering calls while you're rocking out in the car or walking the dog (I know not everyone takes the subway as much as I do).  It also comes with its own pocket-size carrying case and a cable organizer so that everything is as streamlined as it can possibly be - life is complicated enough without tangled cables, don't you think?

Music makes life worthwhile, so why not listen to it the way it was meant to be heard?

Shop Moshi Moonrocks now.

Stephanie Dickison

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