Really Cute Stuff Makes Amazing, Affordable Personalized Stationery!

As you know, I love stationery. In fact, I may be one of the only people you know who still buys and sends cards through the mail. The old-fashioned way like your grandparents used to, before emails and texting.

So whenever I see the opportunity to get personalized stationery, I get excited because I think it's a great way to say thank you - especially when you're corresponding with business colleagues and clients. And Really Cute Stuff, run by the lovely Becky & Sally in Dallas, Texas, somehow manage to make incredibly stylish personalized cards for as low as $10, as well as other great products such as a monogrammed bag for just $20!

I really appreciate their line of products, because as much as I want to be stylish, I'm also on a budget.

I got the Signature $10 Note Cards where you get to select how you want them printed? What font would you like? What colour do you want to letters to be? Do you prefer all lowercase?  I got The Really Cute Font in Hot Pink (pictured below). How awesome is that? And the folded white cards are a nice weight - not too heavy or light - and are accompanied by matching white envelopes. They are fantastic!

And you've gotta get yourself some Really Cute Notepads too. Choose between a 50 sheet notepad for $12.00 or 150 loose sheets in a stylish acrylic holder for $25.00.  Then personalize it how you wish. I got the Leopard Print pad, similar to the one at the top of the post. These lovely thick, sturdy notes are amazing and I'm telling you - sending a quick note to someone on this is so much better than scrawling on a post-it or the back of an envelope. These notes turn the simplest message into something truly special!

So whether you're shopping for yourself or for a gift, personalized stationery from Really Cute Stuff is the perfect one-stop-shop. They even come beautifully packaged, so no extra wrapping needed on your part!

Stephanie Dickison

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