The MobiValet Allows You to Drive Hands-Free - And in Style!

So you've got your cup of coffee, your phone, bag (more likely multiple bags) - where are you supposed to put everything in the car so that you can actually get to it?

Like most people, I bet you throw your phone in the cup holder or worse, on the dashboard, floor or seat next to you (don't lie - I've seen you do those things!).

I've got something much better - and handsome, to boot. The MobiValet gives you a place to keep your phone accessible without losing your precious drink space and keeps it from sliding all over the place and damaging it!

You simply attach the attractive leather case to your console with the sticky side that uses an adhesive that won't damage your car's interior and utilizes a kind of velcro to keep the case secure and close at hand.

What's truly amazing is the design of the case - you can just drop your phone in without having to wedge it in and because of the incredible design, you can keep it plugged in while returning it to the MobiValet!

Whether you choose the Faux Leather (which totally fooled me) or the exotic Patent Alligator, you'll finally be able to drive and have your phone near you in a safe and attractive case. 

Peace of mind can now be yours.

Stephanie Dickison

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