Merula Estate Bottled Olive Oil - Take Your Food Up a Notch. Make That Ten Notches.

I have learned through years of practicing cooking at home and as a restaurant reviewer and food writer that having an amazing olive oil completely transforms your food. Almost more than any other ingredient.

So discovering Merula Estate Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil was like a dream come true. Good  food is often simple but what makes it alight off the plate is extraordinary ingredients. Merula is most definitely extraordinary.

And I bet you thought that all great olive oils are from Italy. Nope. This one's from Spain.

It is so fresh and green that you can taste the olives its made from - an estate blend of Arbequina, Hojiblanca, Picual & Morisca. It is so delectable that you will buy bread and pasta just so you can have an excuse to sop up this wondrous nectar. Fruity and buttery without being at all pungent or overpowering, your butter and other oils will no longer be required. So do everything from stir-fries to dressings with this food darling and change the way you cook, the way you eat, the way you live!

Click on "Where to Buy" to find Merula Estate Bottled Extra Virgin Olive Oil near you.

p.s. Even the tin it comes in is gorgeous (the picture above doesn't do it justice) with a genius pop-up spout.

Stephanie Dickison

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