L'Essence By Balenciaga Paris - Captivating & Intoxicating

There are some fragrances that immediately create a story. Once you spritz it on, it's like the landscape changes and suddenly you find yourself in another time and place.

L'Essence By Balenciaga Paris is a new eau de parfum with the elements of the original still intact. This is one of those scents that completely transports you outside of your everyday experiences. Perhaps it's the address on the box - 10 Avenue George V, Paris - or the fact that violet leaves and vetiver mingle with a tinge of masculinity, giving off a powerfully seductive vibe that envelopes you all day and night.

The precious green liquid in the iconic bevel-edged bottle, though this time with a dark top, is a treasure that should be coveted.

By coveted, keep it close by wearing it daily. Nightly. Always.

p.s. This is going on my gift-giving list for the holidays this year. I suggest you do the same.

Stephanie Dickison

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